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 Ingramer is a great social media tool to automate engagement.

The main functions:

  • Auto Like

  • Auto Follow

  • Auto Unfollow

Targeting hashtags, location and usernames.

It’s incredibly accurate and will save you time on engagement while growing real followers.

Their Advanced AI Targeting include:

  • Gender filter - allows to choose the gender of your audience.

  • Language filter - allows to choose a language of the account you target at

  • Instagram Stories Views - allows you to view Instagram Stories of people you are following or promoting.

  • Likes (extended) - allows you to like accounts feed or comments.

  • Unfollowing (extended) - You can unfollow new mutual or non-mutual followers, made by Ingramer or not, or even unfollow all.

  • Timezone - helps to perform Ingramer actions right in the timezone you need